FIDPA – The International Poker Rules

International Poker Rules

The logo of the Federation Internationale de Poker Association (FIDPA)Many thanks to Marcel Luske and his team with the perseverance and tenacity required to produce and promote a set of standardised rules that encompass all tournaments in all countries of the world. Long overdue and welcomed by all poker players, dealers and tournament directors.

An extract of FIDPA’s aims

(courtesy of The Federation Internationale de Poker Association (FIDPA))


  • FIDPA is an international governing body for the game of poker growth and one of the recognized leaders in promoting and developing.
  • is an independent organization providing support and information for the global poker industry and its players.
  • educates, elevates, and connects the poker world on a global level.
  • is focused by establishing an international standard and so increasing participation in the game.
  • provides most enjoyable environments for players to learn play master and experience the game.
  • is developing and endorsing the world’s finest card rooms, sanctioning world class competitions.
  • is the official resource for tournament players and organizers.
  • wrote, maintains, promotes and implements “The International Poker Rules” for use in card rooms and tournaments worldwide with the cooperation from leading industry professionals and players.

Read more at the FIDPA website.

Check out the rules.

Visit Marcel Luske’s website.

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