About Us

Nuts Poker Clothing was launched in January 2011 specifically to provide some humour to the poker community!

The people

Jan with Greg Reymer at Cesars Palace Las Vegas

Back in 2006 I had my first poker lesson in Las Vegas, Nevada while on holiday. Now I am hooked and a regular player of both the live and online games. I prefer live games of NL Hold’em and play mainly at the Grosvenor Victoria Casino (The Vic) in London and always play at the Venetian, Bellagio and a few of the other major casinos on the strip each year.

Back in the day, I took my BA degree in textile design and have been associated with textiles for more than 20 years, and now am combining my creative juices, my sense of humour and textiles experience with my love and fascination for the game of poker. Now I design t-shirts to make some of those serious poker faces smile.

But I’m not alone! There’s no way I could handle all that happens when you order a product from Nuts Poker Clothing! There’s a vast range of Men’s, Women’s and kids t-shirts and tops and baseball caps, there are a variety of printing techniques that use the latest leading edge plot printing technologies and someone has to process all the orders and get them in the post! And Nuts Poker Clothing has a partner to do all that and they are called Spreadshirt. For the European side the Spreadshirt HQ in Leipzig, Germany handles products, printing and despatch while the North American side is handled from either Greensburg, Pennsylvania or Boston, Massachusetts in the United States, making delivery more economical for each side. It also means that some of the product range differs slightly due to local suppliers.

The site

The site is actually three sites combined into one! It is designed to offer a range of products for…

  • our North American audience of poker players…
  • our European audience of poker players…

Therefore you may, if you travel, locate and purchase your NPC t-shirt from where ever suits you best at the time. We are adding new designs almost every day, so the site is constantly changing.

The equipment and the products

The equipment that is used to plot and cut our designs is maintained and operated by Spreadshirt. The latest technology is used to ensure the very best of quality output is produced. The product ranges will vary according to the area you are buying from but the inventory is constantly being updated and checked for quality by Spreadshirt and their partner companies, so complaints are indeed a rare thing for us.