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Nuts Poker Clothing

The Nuts Poker Clothing Company, sometimes known as NPC, supplies poker t-shirts and other clothing especially for the poker enthusiast, whether a professional or recreational player. So welcome to the new Nuts Poker Clothing Company site and don’t forget to give us some feedback or a Like on Facebook!.

Who wears them?

Besides the average poker player you may find one or two well known pros wearing these shirts. If you spot one at a live poker event or even on TV, let us know….or email us a photo….there could be a reward!


Nuts Poker Clothing have hundreds of standard designs and you also have the option to customise your own t-shirt or even change one of ours. For example, do you have a fav hand like big slick or fish hooks? Make your own or modify one of ours. If you can’t find one, we’d be surprised, but let us know what you think we need and we’ll see if we can create it for you!

We regularly add new designs so don’t forget to check in. Start your Nuts Poker Clothing shopping experience today by visiting the shop that suits you best.

Recognise these terms?

Many of these, or something similar, will be available from our designs:

4th Street, 5th Street,  All in, American Airlines, Antes, Big Blind, Big Slick, Big Stack, Bluff, Boat, Broadway, Bullets, Burn and Turn, Burn Card, Buy In, Call, Check, Check/Raise, Chop It, Clubs, Community Cards, Cowboys, Cut Off, Deadmans Hand, Dealer, Deuce, Diamonds, Dead Money, Donkey, Early Position, Face Cards, Fish, Flop, Flush, Flush Draw, Fold, Fold to Any Bet, Free Card, Freeroll, Freeze Out, Full House, Gut Shot, Head to Head, Heads Up, Hearts, High Card, High Lo, Hijack, Hole Cards, Hooks, Inside Straight, Into the muck, Ladies, Lady Fingers, Late Position, Limp In, Loose, Loose Aggressive, Loose Player, Maniac, Maniac, Match, Missed Blind, Nice Hand, NL Holdem, On Line Poker, Poker Pro, On The Bubble, On Tilt, Open Ended, Out Of Position, Patience, Peel One Off, Player of The Year, Pocket Pair, Pocket Rockets, Poker Bracelet, Poker Chips, Poker Face, Position, Pot Odds, Punish The Limpers, Quads, Raise / Re-raise, Rivered, Royal Flush, Runner Runner, Semi Bluff, Shark, Ship It, Short Stack, Sit out, Sitting Out, Small Blind, Smooth Call, Snowmen, Solid, Spades, Split Pot, Squeeze, Steal, Steal Attempt 80%, Steal The Blinds, Straight, Straight Flush, Strategy, Suck Out, Table Stakes, Tells, The Button, The Nuts, Three Bet, Tight Aggressive, Tight Player, Timed Out, Tip The Dealer, Total Aggression, Tourney, Trey, Trips, Turn, Two Pair, Under The Gun, Well Played.

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