WANTED – ideas for t-shirt designs

Guys, Gals,

What are you missing? What are you looking for? Let us know and maybe we’ll surprise you!

ideaWe can sit here all day and play around with ideas and concepts to create interesting poker related t-shirts. Sometimes we get it just right, sometimes we miss the mark by a long way…..those designs don’t hang around though!

So, how about letting us know what kind of designs you are looking for? If you want something 100% unique and only available to you we can handle that, no problem, but likewise if you have an idea for a short design but don’t have the tools to produce something and you think it’s a winner let us know and we’ll create something as close to your idea as possible. Of course we may have constraints because of our production/print technology but we’ll let you know.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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