New Menu Options

We have added 7 new pages, soon to be 8, that will make your selections even easier.

From today you can now access your preferred area of the website and focus on either Mens Just-Menor Womens t-shirts. So for the European Poker Player you simply select Shop from the menu and choose European Poker Players (all) to see all products or drill down another level and choose Just for Men or Just for Women to isolate all the t-shirts we currently have for Men or Women.

This new navigation has been fully repeated for the North American Poker Players area and partially for the Nuts Arty Clothing sections of the site. The Arty Mens only t-shirts are currently being developed, as there are over 500 t-shirts on offer in Arty.

Remember, if you see a t-shirt design you like but can’t find it in the shirt style you like, even if it is a design for Men and you are a woman – or vice-versa, just drop us a line and we’ll quickly turn around the design you want, in the colour you want aand in the t-shirt style you want (subject to technical/production limitations of course).


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