Shop ’till you drop

Just to confuse you – we have four shops in total. Two for poker players and two for people looking for something out of the ordinary.

Shop differences

The reasons are three-fold….

  1. To handle the different currencies
  2. To handle different copyright laws – some designs are therefore exclusive to the US or Europe
  3. To process the production of the t-shirts locally – this minimises resources, delivery costs and ensure you get the very best customer service!

Because of the above complications when you shop you simply need to decide if you want to pay in US dollars and have your shirt made in the US and delivered from the US or pay in Sterling and have your shirt made in Germany and delivered to your location in Europe.

So you need to decide which is best for you and select the shop from the drop down navigation buttons seen above or from any of the links you see below:-

A word of warning!

Every shop has lots of designs and many different products and some can be further customised by you. So the page loading time can be long for your first visit. Be patient…it’ll be worth it!